Comic-Con: Where ‘X-Files’ Is Still a Big Deal

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bill-swift - July 20, 2013

Tell a young person that The X-Files celebrated its 20th anniversary this week with a panel at Comic Con and they'll probably say, "What's The X-Files?"

Tell it to an old person and they'll probably say, "What's Comic Con?" But tell it to a nerd of any age? They'll be all like, "Uh, yeah, I was there."

In any case, what I just hypothetically told all those people is true: this year the seminal Fox scifi drama about aliens and conspiracy theories—the first real non-animated hit for the network—celebrated its 20th birthday with a reunion of writers, producers, and, most importantly, actors at Comic Con 2013. So that means, yes, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were back together again.

As you would expect, while there was lots of reminiscing about favorite characters and episodes, the main course of the panel was a discussion of whether they would ever make a third X-Files film. And in short, they all said "you bet." Because, really, what else do they have going on these days?

Whether or not people would go see the movie is another question. Sure, the people in Ballroom 20 at the San Diego Convention Center were enthusiastic, but finding X-Files fans at Comic Con is like shooting fish in a barrel. Finding them everywhere else, twenty years after the TV series debuted and five years after the last film, is another story.

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