Colleen Shannon Wears A Short Skirt Out In West Hollywood

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bill-swift - October 29, 2014

DJ Colleen Shannon was looking her usual sexy self in a short skirt while eating with friends at the Aroma Cafe in West Hollywood. Colleen has a dynamite pair of legs, which lucky for us, she is always showing off. They are long and lean and oh so satisfying. As if that wasn't enough, she also gave us all a peek at her cleav in the low cut top. Colleen has got herself a pretty intense rack. Just refer to any number of times we've covered her on the site in a bikini. Her funbags are glorious. They make me want to praise the god of boobage with song and wine or whatever. Colleen's shirt is a crop top so we also got a peek at her bare mid-riff. Is there anything sexier than a girl with a nice flat stomach?

I don't really like all that techno music stuff but I'd happily go to an all night rave if I got to gawk at Colleen. Raves are still a thing, right?