Colleen Shannon Bikini Roadside Outrageous Hot Booty Madness

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bill-swift - October 30, 2014

Well, hello there Colleen Shannon and your perfect bikini body. If you don't think every single guy is going to slam the brakes on his car to help you with your broken vehicle, you are sadly traffically unwise. Talk about a dream. I don't even know anything about fixing cars. I'd invent some nonsense. For that bikini booty, i'd invent a new currency.

These creepy 138 Water people might have to come with the territory of this amazing line of racktastic Playmates and models and international hotties they keep getting into skimpy nothing outfits and posing by the beach. Like a hot girl you want to date who has a skeevy omnipresent brother who seems to be watching you all the time when you're with his sister. I'm okay with that. Concessions must be made. Enjoy.