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Lex Jurgen - March 2, 2017

Who could sleep this NFL offseason wondering as to how Colin Kaerpernick would treat the pre-game national anthem in the future. Rest easy, buttercup. Kaepernick through his new agents has let it be known he will be standing for future renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. 

This may or may not have something to do with Kaepernick declaring his free agency from the Niners and looking to thirty-one other teams for his next job. It's fun to play pretend. Let me see, your starting level QB skills are questionable and people who consume our league's official beverage detest your BLM kneeling bit. Pass. Where's that gay defensive end who couldn't get around NFL caliber O-linemen? We need a cover.

Kaepernick wants to ensure that the progress brought about by his season of kneeling is not lost with his decision to stop kneeling in order to get paid. Your legacy seems intact. What was it you did again? Oh, yeah. Trump.

At some point rational people who no longer exist will decide that it's particularly unnecessary to perform a splashy anthem before every sporting event. Not every old tradition is outdated. This one is. It went the way of internationalizing professional sports leagues and multibillion dollar TV contracts and Commissioners sweeping domestic violence and PED use under the rug.

We don't insist on the national anthem performance before any other recreational or entertainment events. Usually a simple reminder to turn off your cellphones suffices. The mechanized musical protocol before games provides no patriotic distinction and now has become an opportunity for attention seekers to provide for the exact opposite. With the national anthem, Kaepernick is a civil rights icon, without the national anthem, a dude with a wicked fro holding a clipboard on the sidelines. Bring back dogs catching frisbees. 

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