Coleen Rooney’s Fun and Fiery Beachside Cleavage Candids

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rusty-mattis - November 5, 2018

If asked what's the best thing about going to the beach, I think it would be a toss up between the warm sun and sand or the cool water and crashing waves. Both are equally enjoyable and if you only had one without the other a day at the beach wouldn't be that much fun. But really the best part about going to the beach is Coleen Rooney and her bikini cleavage.

I'm fully aware that not everyone can be at the beach at the same time as Coleen Rooney and her cleavage, but that shouldn't discourage you from going. Just because you can't see a whale breach the water or a school of dolphins go by or find a sunken treasure every single time you hit the sand doesn't mean stay at home. You've got a cellphone right? Some kind of tablet with internet access right? Well, there you go. You just toss that wonderful device into your bag and you can enjoy the sun, the fun, and the cleavage of Coleen Rooney.

If one should ever come across Coleen Rooney's cleavage on the shore, please be cautious. You are in the presence of some rare beauty. Be sure to enjoy to take a moment and acknowledge your great luck and then spend the rest of the time enjoying Coleen Rooney's cleavage.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA