Cole Hamels Suspended Five Games for Having a Big Mouth (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 9, 2012

That, of course, is not the official reason that Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels has been suspended. The suspension is actually for intentionally hitting Bryce Harper during a game with the Washington Nationals on Sunday. 

If you watch the video it, it doesn't look good for Hamels, but you can't really tell that he did it on purpose. Hamels was nice enough to make sure there was no doubt about it after the game by announcing that it was.

Go ahead. Shake your head in disbelief that someone could be so stupid as to admit to the media that he nailed a player in the back with a pitch on purpose. His excuse was pretty pathetic, too. Cole, if your reading this, if we want 'old school' baseball as you put it we will watch a game on ESPN Classics. 

Jordan Zimmerman, the Nationals pitcher, got Hamels back by nailing him on the knee later in the game; a move that was clearly intentional and in retaliation for Hamels hitting Harper. Zimmerman has not been suspended though--because he was not dumb enough to publicly admit wrong doing!

If you are going to be 'old school' Cole, at least do it right!

Article by Travis Pulver