Coco Takes Her Poking Puppies for a Walkie

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bill-swift - April 24, 2012

Our friend Coco is really just a fun girl to follow around New York. Never ever uninteresting. This past week Coco took her dog out for a walk and we got a chance to really take a gander at her puppies, just ridiculously prominent on the frontside of her monumental bodily edifice.

Now, I've been known to hang out in a dog park or too with my taxidermied childhood pet, Mr. Sprinkles, trying to hit on girls with more lifelike canines who all marvel at how well trained Mr. Sprinkles is, never barks or bites or runs off, but I'm pretty sure Mr. Sprinkles would come back to life if he saw the nipple-poking boobtastic offered up by Coco at the pooch park. Just two bits of awesome. Enjoy.