Cobra Commander Takes To Kickstarter For A New Cobra Island

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bill-swift - March 26, 2013

Cobra Commander is the latest celebrity to take to Kickstarter to beg for money. We've seen in recent weeks how a Veronica Mars movie came back from the dead with the help of Kickstarter. So, I guess the head of the biggest evil terrorist organization would think it was a good idea. After GI Joe destroyed Cobra Island, poor Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, and the rest have been homeless. That's not cool. But building a gigantic fortress island isn't cheap. CC figures he needs 94 billion to be able to reconstruct their tropical home. That's not that much!

For 10 bucks you get a cobra sticker, $200 gets you use of Stormshadow for a week, $1000 gets you a new identity, and for $50,000 he will make Baroness show us her boobs. Can we pass the collection plate and make this happen. I've wanted to see what is under that leather jumpsuit since I would rub my fingers on the molded plastic of my Baroness action figure. It was the first time many of us ever copped a feel.

To donate to this worthy cause, click here.

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