Brooklyn Decker and Taylor Swift Lead List of Sexy Sweethearts at Country Music Awards

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bill-swift - April 5, 2011

What I know about Country Music can be summed up in one short statement: I once got high with Willie Nelson. Well, on his tour bus. Well, a bus on his tour. And maybe it was tequila shots and not weed. Stories have a way of growing over time. But, to really sum it up, I don't know jack about Country Music. However, anywhere sexy celebrities go, I will follow. And, man oh man did they head out to Vegas by the hotness droves for the Country Music Awards this past weekend.

Brooklyn Decker, who's Country music connection I don't get, but glad she made the trip and packed that rack-fitting dress, Taylor Swift looked hot, if you're into Taylor Swift (as I am, in the dark recesses of my mind), Julianne Hough, who can steal a show her own hotself, Carrie Underwood who decks out like nobody's business, Nicole Kidman, who married into country, Miranda Lambert, a newcomer whose funbags are undeniably Grand Ole Opry ready, and AnnaSophia Robb, who is just everywhere these days pimping her surfer movie, and I'm glad she is. Enjoy.