Cleveland Kidnap Victim Cheered On By Cleveland Concert Crowd (VIDEO)

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Lex Jurgen - July 30, 2013

You go, Cleveland. Amanda Berry was one of the three girls kept locked in the basement of Cleveland bus driver Ariel Castro's house for a decade. Which seemed really kind of impossible given all the police presence for crime on the block, nosey neighbors, relatives, and whatnot through the years, none of whom noticed anything unusual. So, maybe Clevelanders aren't going to be the ones to ID the next terrorist group before they go live, but they do know how to rock and roll. So when Amanda got up on stage at a Cleveland music fest and introduced and serenaded by Nelly, it was one special moment. I doubt it made up for ten years of kidnap, torture, and abuse, but it had to come close.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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