Claudia Schiffer Reprises Her 1989 Guess Photoshoot — Yep, Still Damn Hot

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bill-swift - April 11, 2012

Say what you will about Claudia Schiffer, who can come across I suppose cold at times to certain people, and wondering why her husband seems to have gotten January Jones pregnant on the set of X-Men First Class last year, the German model has still most definitely got it.

Twenty-three years after her iconic late-teen shoot for Guess back in 1989, Claudia is re-upping her Guess brand hotness cred with a new shoot for the Euro-fashion company wherein she amazingly looks hardly different than her 1989 shoot. Okay, so there might be some touching up, but there is no doubt Claudia has those special genes that lets her be in jeans ads looking hot well into her veteran years. And, we are jealous. And turned on. Enjoy.