Claudia Romani Struts About Miami In a Tiny Booty Baring Bikini Coverup

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bill-swift - November 15, 2013

Claudia Romani, to whose booty I shall soon be betrothed once laws are passed to accommodate, sashayed about Miami Beach area in a small cover up over her little black bikini, providing fellow strollers one incredibly sextastic view of her hot Italian model body. In fact, just staring so intently at Claudia I'm reminded of all the times I never spent yet along the Amalfi coast watching all the hot original Latin beach girls roll by.

Someday, when Claudia's killer tush and I are on our honeymoon together, I'm going to ask her to don a similar outfit with the slight addition of my hand permanently glued to her glutes. That's just pride of ownership coming through. Enjoy.