Claudia Romani Short Skirt Beach Prance About Shivers Me Timbers

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bill-swift - October 15, 2013

Claudia Romani provides just a hint of the world class asstastic of hers I intend to take as my body part wife someday soon, just enough to make it impossible not to ogle her along her short skirt walk along the beach front in Miami. So many girls even with hot bodies don't know precisely how to work them in the public arena; Claudia I would say has a masters degree in tasteful, but ever so lust inducing exhibitionism. Not super obvious, just completely sextastic.

This is why I'm happy Claudia comes attached to that amazing booty of hers that I intend to whisk away to the Swiss Alps on our honeymoon and make sweet passionate love to with only the yodelers booming voices to drown out the sounds of our moist passions. Ricola! Enjoy.