Claudia Romani Sextastic Cut Out Dress Reveals the Killer Tush in Miami

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bill-swift - June 4, 2014

I must admit, I don't understand the idea of cut-out fashion. Why not just start with less and not cut stuff out at all? You see how I'm logical and posing strong questions there? Ah, fashion. Claudia Romani strutted around Miami Beach showing off her sweet booty and hot body in a cut-out swimsuit that kind of resembled a bikini when everything was all done being cut out, which makes me wonder why she just didn't don one of her many thumper fine revealing two pieces. Alas, I shall never understand women's wardrobes, but I will continue to ogle and admire what lies beneath, especially when the midday sun is shining down upon it like so many touchy-feely rays.

As you know, I have vowed to marry Claudia Romani's bottomside just as soon as it legal in the U.S. or a contiguous country. I like to take buses when I travel. Until such time, it's just courting and drooling from a distance. And, no, I can't cut that out. Enjoy.