Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Candidly Hot Transplants to Miami Beach

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bill-swift - June 7, 2012

Born of the Abruzzo, but beloved in Denmark, Claudia Romaniis a European model of quite noteworthy distinction. Well, at least two or three distinctions that I'd like to gives notes on.

Claudia has imported herself to Miami these days where she's a mega-model in the Latin circuit of magazines and TV shows and everywhere else you see super hot-bodied Romanic celebrities and she was kind enough this past weekend to show off much of her limitless talents in a tiny bikini along her new home beach in South Florida. There's just something about that leopard skin that has me feeling like a randy canine (not to be confused with Randy Canine, my former porn actor name).

Hot girls, small bikinis, big curves. It's a recipe for some simple goodness. Enjoy.