Claudia Jordan Swipes Her Friend’s Bikini Top (Why No Steal Backs?)

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bill-swift - April 5, 2013

One time in my entire life did I steal a girl's bikini top at a party. I thought I was the effin' bomb. The prankster. The merrymaker. The tutti di tutti party time fun people. Then, that little girl kicked me in the nuts. Not gentle like you might pay a woman in a foreign geisha house to do so. I mean, but wicked firm. And I fell to the floor in a cuddled mass of shame and pain, with a tear streaming down my eye. And, then, that joke didn't seem so funny anymore.

I suspect Deal or No Deal model Claudia Jordan knew that she wouldn't be receiving a ball kicking when she snatched her hot friend's bikini top in Miami. Girls do have that advantage. In fact, she seemed to be well in on the joke. Which unfortunately meant she didn't abide by the 'steal back' rule, which might have granted us a premium leer at a topless Claudia Jordan. Alas, practical jokes never live up to their planning stage excitement. Enjoy.