Claudia Jordan Curvy Pink Bikini In Miami

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bill-swift - April 25, 2016

Every time I spy another bikini day hotness exhibition from Claudia Jordan I take a peek to remind myself of her Forties and Faptastic bona fides. She's just aging so gracefully and with extreme sextastic, I can barely believe the numerical label. You know how much I dig a veteran sweetheart. Especially a model and TV hostess with a killer bikini body that has no intention of ever wearing a cover up at the beach.

In her latest bit of visual wonderment display, Claudia pranced across the shores of South Florida over the weekend in a pink bikini, preening and posing unwittingly or not for the revelry and occasionally suffering of numerous gentleman oglers at the beach. Claudia, you are a true lady. Sextastic, confident, and sharing your bodily gifts pleasantly with the leering set at large for well on a decade or more now. There should be a statue in your honor for such benevolence. I volunteer to carve the areas covered just barely by your bikini. I'm pretty sure I know them by heart now. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash