Claudia Jordan Forties and Faptastic Showing Off in Wet Swimsuit in Miami

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bill-swift - June 19, 2017

Claudia Jordan isn't merely holding up, she's optimizing. The Deal or No Deal model among other hottie TV stops is aging with increased hotness, as evidenced by her barely contained funbag wet swimsuit performance in Miami. The 44-year old alluring lust of my life during REM sleep hours is showing off and strutting her stuff like nobody's business, but everybody's ogle. 

Claudia brought along buddy and hottie Annie Ilonzeh because two is better than one when it comes to sextastic thespianics and models. Also funbags and bikini hotties. Not so much unpaid bills. Why must they use red bold fonts? 

Claudia, you are the inspiration of my morning, and likely into the afternoon unless a nap comes to take me after all this activity. Moisture turns the veteran hottie into a water nymph with simple elemental magic. I'll get a towel for you to change. Though there's no way I'm handing it over to you. I'll do the dabbing. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News