Claudia Jordan and Aisha Thalia Bikini Hot and Oily Fun Time Beach Weekend In Miami

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bill-swift - April 8, 2014

Holy hotness, Batman. Nothing to see here, just a couple dark and lovely goddesses parading about in bikinis flashing their hot bodies and rubbing each other down with oil along the beach in Miami. Wow, Claudia Jordan and Aisha Thalia had quite the good time at the beach over the weekend on not one, but two separate swimsuit struts:

I'm sure I've not seen such loving gal pal goodness in some time in an area of stiff bikini competition, and even stiffer ogling gentleman. Claudia Jordan we've seen on the beach before and always gives us a thrill, but throwing in her boobtastic model friend Aisha Thalia, it's almost too much. As if too much sextastic skin was ever enough. I'd love to spend the day at the beach with these two being the towel boy. Also, lotion spritzer. Yes, dear, that is lotion. Enjoy.

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