Classic Video Game Characters in a Running Race Reunion (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - November 26, 2012

If there's one thing I miss about the good old days, it's the video games. No fancy graphics, no overly-complicated (or extremely stupid) storylines, and no corny dialogue. Just good gaming all around and satisfied gamers after every game.

Wreck-It Ralph brought together a lot of guys from the old gang for one huge hurrah. But did you know that they were all part of another project before they all came together for the movie? You didn't? Well, let me show you.

The fan-made video above was put together by Steve Williams, and it's pretty awesome.

All of your favourite old-skool video game characters are BACK (this time with an endless cast of favourites) to do battle in an epic platformer showdown!

Basically, most of the characters you knew from your childhood are in a race and it looks like Sonic is in the lead early on. But the tide eventually changes and, well, without giving anything away, you'll see that the end is something you can never prepare yourself for. Enjoy!

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