CJ Franco Killer Legs in Short Shorts

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bill-swift - April 18, 2017

CJ Franco works hard for her body and therefore we owe her to leer her body hard. It's not asking too much, it might be asking too little. The ever smiling sextastic brunette is never wearing too many clothes, which makes sense, because why put in hours of toil at the gym and skipping the Famous Amos cookies if not to have every guy in town cranking his neck to check out your fine female form on your daily jaunts about town.

And CJ Franco definitely jaunts. Today in tiny short shorts that showed off her stellar stems, as a reminder that the summer season is soon upon us, it may be already here in L.A. And how much do we lust long lovely toned legs on our sextastic celebrities? The answer can't be described with numbers alone. It requires a few grunts, a low guttural moan, and some reference to the value of infinity. CJ, I predict you and I and a few million of my closest friends are going to have a wonderful viewing experience this summer. Can not wait. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Fame Flynet