CJ Franco Holds Her Own in Half On One Piece Swimsuit Sextastic

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bill-swift - June 15, 2017

CJ Franco is moving on up. That is, my hotness charts of libidinal impressions. The ambitious 20-something model shocked the world when she was discovered with Kate Beckinsale's become ex-husband and everybody said who could ever replace Kate Beckinsale? Well, I certainly said it. The short answer is nobody, but the longer answer is, there are some close seconds like CJ Franco who are more than merely consolations prizes.

CJ was shot while being shot for a sextastic promotion of the curvaceous body kind on the beach. We've seen her routinely sweating up a storm at the gym, so she's not coming to these half-naked exposures without the hard work put in ahead of time. The easier work being holding her own funbag in a half down one-piece swimsuit. Jealous are we of that lucky hand, says naughty yoga.

CJ, you keep on doing what you're doing. It's faptastically on the money. If you could lower that hand for one moment, we could probably double the money. Just saying. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Getty Images