CJ Franco Has A Thongtastic Instagram

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bill-swift - November 21, 2015

CJ Franco is the young actress and model and generally hot looking 20-something woman who's been seeing hanging out with Kate Beckinsale's husband while she's been abroad filming Underworld. Considering CJ and Kate's husband have been out openly to restaurants and clubs, it's safe to say the marriage is not doing well. I'm not a fan of the institution of marriage as you may know, though I do intend to marry up to seven models during my time on this planet, followed by seven divorces. But I suppose I still can't wrap my head around somebody breaking up with Kate Beckinsale, the uber-sextastic British MILF. I'll just assume she broke up with him. It has to be.

In either case, if you going to get dumped by Kate Beckinsale, why not drown your sorrows in a girl like CJ Franco. You can check out the photos she's sharing on social media and decide for yourself just how sorry to feel for dear old hubby. Not much is my short answer. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram