CJ Franco Bikini Bike in Los Angeles

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bill-swift - March 31, 2017

Not for nothing, but CJ Franco and her rip roaring fine female form are making their presence known more and more in the streets of Tinsel Town. I'm not sure she has a job, so let's assume her vocation is working out and finding reasons to be in a bikini while running errands. In short, she's more productive than most in the areas that count. The creation of visual wonderments.

CJ's latest escapade of the exhibitionist variety comes in the form of a bikini bike ride to get a few groceries. Some women drive. Some wear clothes. CJ's undone overalls and her undersized bikini are enough to let loose the dogs of fantasy Cali hot girl on a bike wars. Who isn't drooling? That's rhetorical. I hope she bought lotion. Not that I wouldn't bring my own, CJ. Let's nuzzle and talk about CJ's Next Big Adventure. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet