Cintia Dicker Super Ginger Hotness for Men’s Health Pictorial

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bill-swift - March 16, 2012

There's a special place in heaven for ginger hotties. I like to think it's right next door to the place for ginger hottie lusters, as that would be perfect, and require less walking for the daily bit of peeping.

Cintia Dicker is one of those special redheads in our ginger pantheon of world class hotties. The Brazilian supermodel just has a way of turning innocent goodness into naughty hotness like so many of her genetically-perfected Sudamericana model peers, the ultimate visual device for driving men incredibly super mad (and or into the cold showers). In her latest optical treasure efforts, Cintia Dicker steams red hot on the pages of Men's Health magazine, in shiny lycra, some leather, and a whole lots of skin to remind each and every male on this planet the precise point in your body where men's health truly begins. Enjoy.