Cindy Crawford Cleavage and Shorts Show For the Veteran Hotness That Will Never Go Away

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bill-swift - October 30, 2012

Oh, Cindy Crawford, how have you not won a Nobel Prize for all you've done for man-kind over the years? Clearly, the Nobel committee in its efforts to promote the role of peacemakers around the world must identify women who have kept men off the battlefields and locked in their bathrooms over the years.

At forty-six, Cindy Crawford bending over in a tank top is more than enough to stop a crowd of men in the store in their tracks, and her long legs, well, enough for them to pretend to be inspecting fruit for ripeness in the produce section as we men do when we're really just checking out hot girls (we have no idea how to judge ripeness, ladies, at least not on fruit).

Cindy Crawford, yee-hah. Enjoy.