Christopher Nolan’s WWII Epic ‘Dunkirk’ Gets Official Trailer (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - May 8, 2017


After successfully reviving the Batman franchise, Christopher Nolan became one of the only directors in the world to have seemingly unlimited resources for his films. Everything the man does, whether you like it or not, is huge and epic in scale, and his latest film is no exception. Dunkirk, due in theaters on July 21, tells the story of one of the pivotal battles of World War II, and probably the most decisive victory the Allies won before the U.S. finally got involved a year and a half later. 

Featuring an all-star cast—some Nolan regulars like Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, and a number of Nolan newcomers like Mark Rylance—the film is shaping up to be the biggest film of Nolan's career, which is really saying something. I personally intensely disliked Interstellar, but I appreciated the ambition and scale of it. Not enough to ever watch it again, but certainly enough to have some moments burned into my subconscious. That's what Nolan, love him or hate him, does better than anyone else out there. 

Dunkirk is certain to be the latest in a long line of Christopher Nolan films that are both critical and commercial successes, and is certain to be the first blockbuster World War II summer movie since, well, Saving Private Ryan, which opened on the same weekend in 1998. He may not want the comparisons, but they're impossible not to see.