Christopher Lee Sings “Jingle Hell”

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bill-swift - December 19, 2013

If you're like me you are getting pretty sick of Christmas music. I'm no Grinch but you can only hear Mariah Carey's All I want For Christmas so many times before you want to blow your brains out. It's the omnipresence of the music that I object to. Everywhere you go Frosty the Snowman is melting to death. Luckily, Christopher Lee is here to sing us a heavy metal version of Jingle Bells called, (what else) Jingle Hell. The 91 year old actor has released several metal songs over the last few years, including an album about the emperor Charlemagne. The B-Side to Jingle Hell is him singing the Sinatra classic My Way. I think it's even better than the Sex Pistols version. But then again, I'm a huge fan of Dracula/Saruman/Count Dooku.

I'm dreaming of a bloody Christmas.

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