Christina Milian Skin Tight Hotness

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michael-garcia - August 31, 2016

Leave it to Christina Milian to outdo herself again in a super tight jumpsuit outfit. When I say this thing is tight I mean that it looks like she had it painted on. She is not wearing a bra, of course, so you can clearly see the outline of her nips. There is also quite a bit of cleavage because Christina would never dream of leaving the house unless she was showing maximum cleav. Christina's ta-tas are some of the best in popular music today. In a world where pop princesses are mostly well-endowed, she leads the pack. I honestly don't know how she got into this outfit it's so tight. There is even a hint of camel toe in the downstairs quadrant. I wonder what revealing outfit she's going to wear next? 

Christina fills me with joy. Whenever I see her pop up in our work here at Egotastic, I know that I'm in for a treat. She never disappoints. Ever. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet