Christina Milian Sexy Bikini Top on the Red Carpet

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aldo-vallon - November 18, 2018

Wearing a red outfit on a red carpet is the equivalent to wearing camo in the woods. If Christina Milian decides she has had enough attention for the night she can move to lying on the floor. Photographers have a notoriously short memory, so in a minute they’ll forget she is even there because some new pretty young thing will have come along. They are like dogs and squirrels.

Christina also played it smart by wearing a track suit. Christina has been through all of this hokum before, and she knows that comfort trumps slutiness. Whatever she has going on that night, she is going to feel like a cloud is giving her a bear hug. The other ladies might not be so lucky.

All it is going to take is for them to be seated by the door or under a vent and they are going to be wishing they had Christina’s sweatshirt. This might even become one of the few instances where a woman gives her jacket to someone else because she is too warm. Fortunately, there are enough photographers around to capture the event.



Photo Credit: Backgrid