Christina Milian Panties Too Small

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bill-swift - November 28, 2015

Was I just singing the praises of Snapchat? Indeed I was. When you narrow in past all the millions of pointless snaps the kids are doing daily because homework is boring, you drill down to the grown up sextastic celebrities fooling around on the app. And by fooling around, I mean the Latina sultry Christina Milian showing off how undersized her panties are on camera.

This one is kind of unclear. Did Christina finally see her booty in these tiny panties and realize they were too small or did she put them on knowing they were too small to get a kick? Actually, that's not the important element to this equation of ogle-worthy happiness. It's Christina's desire to share her hind side hot side with her followers and stick up for the curvy girls who just might have a little sextastic plumber's butt thing working on occasion. You know, Christina, the solution could be simply to remove your underpants. I'm solid with advice. Keep us video posted on the results. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Snapchat