Christina Milian Looking Fine for House of Fine Gold Swimwear

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Mitch Jablonski - May 21, 2019

Now that people are living longer, your late 30s are no longer a time when your career is winding down—unless you're a professional athlete. Christina Milian, for example, is rocking 37 like most women these days rock 27. If this is an indication of the future being open and welcome to more mature women, count me in!

Not that I don't like youth, everyone likes youth, okay? It's just that Christina Milian is proving that women are still sexy when they approach 40. Hell, most women are still sexy when they approach 50 these days, but then again, I've always liked 'em a little bit older. Could just be my taste, but as I get older, so do the women I crush on. Like Helen Mirren.

Anyway, Christina Milian is doing a damn good job of showing us all that age is nothing but a number and the good folks at House of Fine Gold swimwear have given her the perfect bikini in which to demonstrate her continued hotness. Christina Milian is a powder keg, however, so just maintain a safe distance, okay? We wouldn't want her to go off, because if all that hotness explodes, it might cause problems.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency