Christina Milian Inspects Her New Bikini Line (Yes, Christina, We Approve Too)

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bill-swift - August 28, 2012

In terms of celebrity licensed merchandise pimping, while it's easy to make fun of the likes of the craptastic Khloe and Lamar perfume or Kendra Wilkinson fronted books on parenting (because, you know, former strippers have special insight on raising children), we can't overlook the occasional gem, such as when big-bosomed celebrities are tapped to launch bikini lines under their signature because everybody knows girls with big-ta's are born with an innate sense of bikini design skills.

Enter Christina Milian, celebrating the launch of her bikini line, I think it's called Ho-Bags or something like that, but I can tell you this, at this weekend's debut party in Malibu, it looked not only might cleavetastic on the Cubana diva herself, but her models bikini butts were enough of a showpiece to put my ownself down for a couple dozen orders of size extra-showy from the Milian line of two-piece suits. Enjoy.