Christina Milian Chesty Bra Top For ‘Lip Sync Battle’

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bill-swift - June 3, 2016

The very best part about Spike TV's Lip-Synch show are the costumes on the female celebrities. Well, unless you like singing and lip-synching and dramatic dancing, in which case I might be re-reviewing your membership to my Honeycomb Hideout. We need to maintain some standards.

Christina Milian took her turn on the fake singing floor to show off her sweltering top in a chesty bra that helped remind everybody why you know the name Christina Milian, why reality shows are important, and how Spike can get away with a show clearly designed for women. All that wrapped up in the sextastic chest of one fine Latina. A picture tells a thousand words. If only they could make karaoke stop for good. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: 'Lip Sync Battle' Spike TV