Christina Milian Bikini Pictures Exhibit Epic South Beach Curves

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bill-swift - July 2, 2013

Why do I love the pregnant girls so much? Because someday they become super hot moms, with often even more righteous bodies. Such was the case with Christina Milian who we always paid attention to, but since entering MILFhood, well, her soft curves have become downright mandatory for gentleman oglers along the strip of Miami Beach she so sextastically haunts.

Someday soon Christina will allow me the honor of applying between two and twenty seven coats of sunscreen to her body, the actual number of coats dependent mostly on how long it takes her to wriggle out of the silk tie restraints.On that day, my hands shall finally know their first day of missionary work. It is my purpose. Yours too? Let's see who gets there first. Enjoy.