Christie Brinkley Remains Hot After All These Years

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bill-swift - April 7, 2011

Okay, let's address the 800-lb 90210 gorilla in the room -- veteran model Christie Brinkley has had some work done, okay. But who hasn't in celebrity land? And, at 57-years old she still looks quite eff you cee kay able, as the kids are texting these days (I mean, the way older kids, like me). If we were to add up the spent passion by the male species of this world over the veteran hottie Christie Brinkley more than three decades of sextacity, we could probably fill John Travolta's swimming pool, and he'd probably take a dip. (Sorry, I just vomited a bit my mouth.) The point is, Christie Brinkley was hot, remains hot, and the fact that she used to bump uglies with Billy Joel means that every man on this planet has still got a legit shot. Enjoy.