Christian Bale Breaks Sorkin’s Heart, Drops Out of Steve Jobs Biopic

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bill-swift - November 4, 2014

Last week I almost did a post about Christian Bale joining the cast of that Steve Jobs biopic. I was gonna include video of the interview in which writer Aaron Sorkin called Bale the best actor of his generation, then ramble on about Bale was a gifted actor and totally perfect for the part, and how the movie was probably going to be amazing.

I'm glad I didn't write that post now, though, because it would have been a total waste of keystrokes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, today Christian Bale pulled out of the project. Sources told them that, "after much deliberation and conflicting feelings," Bale came to the conclusion that he is not right for the part.

Bale is now the second high-profile actor to pass on the project. Sony apparently offered the gig to Leonardo DiCaprio first, only to get rejected for a movie about a guy who survived a bear attack. (That would be The Revenant, btw.)

No word yet on who they want to replace Bale. But given Sorkin's praise of Bale, whoever it is will have to check his ego at the door.

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