Chrissy Teigen Sextastic Red Swimsuit Beneath a Waterfall of Skittles

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bill-swift - August 23, 2013

As an advocate of legalized marijuana, I am naturally also a strong proponent of Skittles. There's really no way to separate the two. Hot eurasian model Chrissy Teigen apparently likes them too. Or being paid by them, as she endured a waterfall barrage of Skittles in a commercial shoot for the candy company whilst, more importantly to us, wearing one of her signature low cut swimsuits and showing off her wicked body.

While I could make a crude joke about showering Chrissy is a more organic type of candy, I know there are many impressionable youths reading this site, and God forbid any of them should ever grow up thinking sex is fun, so I'll stick to the fact that after all that sugar flying about, Chrissy is going to need a proper brushing and a a rinse. And I just happen to have a brush handy. Enjoy.