Chrissy Teigen Plunging Cleavage For ‘Ellen’

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michael-garcia - October 7, 2016

The always delectable Chrissy Teigen went on the Ellen show in a plunging neckline dress. Chrissy had a kid recently and not only has she made her body as tight as a drumhead again, but she's also been blessed with the engorged jugs of motherhood. When you already have large ta-tas like Chrissy and then you give birth the resulting enlargement can be spectacular. You've got to love MILFhood, it suits her. That John Legend better thank Jesus, Buddha, Allah, and Richard Dawkins every day that he gets to go home to that. Seriously, I just want to bury my face between those bad boys and make a wish. My wish would be that I could continue to smush my face between those funbags. 

The older I get the more into MILfs I am. Maybe it's because they are closer to my own age or maybe the radiant glow of motherhood, yaddah, yaddah. It's probably just the engorged ta-tas. 


Photo Credit: 'Ellen' NBC

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