Chloe Goodman Cleavage on a Jet Ski in Spain

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aldo-vallon - August 16, 2017

I am being torn in two different directions. My sensible side wants Chloe Goodman to wear that life jacket for the sake of safety and to ensure she stays healthy for years to come. But then there is that darker side within me that feels it is a sacrilege to cover those knockers with anything but the bare minimum required by law. How does she even get fitted for a chest of that size? Do they go to the big and tall section of the life jackets and then cinch the waist in like a corset, or does she just have one that is tailored?  

I was about to consult the angel and devil that are supposed to hang out over my shoulder, in an attempt to resolve my inner struggle, but it would appear only the devil has stuck around. He says the angel went to a farm up north and I should ignore any ketchup stains I find around my shoulder. I guess I have no choice but to endorse Chloe wearing no life jacket and just hope for the best. Who knows, maybe her airbags are all the safety she needs.

Photo Credit: Backgrid