Child Stars Who Miraculously Didn’t End Up in the Gutter

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bill-swift - August 8, 2012

The National Enquirer is defending an article it wrote about former child-actor Macaulay Culkin, claiming the Home Alone star has a massive heroin addiction that will lead to his death within six months. Following the article's original posting, TMZ reported that Culkin's camp claimed the entire story was fabricated and that the actor didn't have any drug problem.

If there's one cliche in Hollywood that tends to be accurate, it's that as soon as a child star stop being cute, they'll either fall into a drug habit or their parents will steal their money, or sometimes both. But then there are the lucky few, who like Bruce Wayne in Dark Knight Rises fought their way out of the pit and into the light.We salute these brave actors who all managed to keep their good looks past adolescence and fought the system to make the transition from child actors to successful adult stars.

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