Chick Movies You Pretend You Don’t Want To See…But Do Anyway

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bill-swift - September 11, 2012

Who amongst us haven't used the throwaway excuses of 'Oh I caught that one on a plane,' or 'My girlfriend DVR'd it and left it playing' when trying to explain why we watched a movie that was made for girls. Because admitting that you wanted new material for ye olde yank bank doesn't usually fly all that well between the cheese and fruit courses at Chez Luis.

So am I going to see Spring Breakers? No. But am I going to see it? Obviously. Any movie with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley BensonandSelena Gomezwill be viewed. Even if it means telling people I only watched it because I was stuck babysitting my fifteen-year old niece. (P.S. I don't have a niece).

What other movies starring hot chicks do we pretend we never watched? Check out the gallery below for our favorite five? Or, what would be our favorite five, had we seen them. *wink

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