Chevy Chase Needs to Take a ‘Vacation’ to His ‘Funny Farm’ After Finding ‘Nothing but Trouble’ When He Drops the N-Bomb on ‘Community’ Set

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bill-swift - October 24, 2012

For anyone born after 1990, Chevy Chase is a balding, bloated sometimes-amusing old man who seems bitter about his place in the Hall of Comedy History and would probably kick you in the face if you asked for an autograph if you spotted him at a restaurant. But for those of us who are a little bit older, we recognize that Chase was once one of the most original and energetic (COUGHcokehabitCOUGH) comedians working. For the star of Fletch, Vacation and Three Amigos to be stuck playing fourth fiddle on a sometimes-brilliant but also sometimes-lackluster NBC sitcom like Community is just plain sad.

But that doesn't forgive the fact that Chase seems to hate his job so much, despite no one really offering him any other roles, that he does nothing but complain about the show, the writing, the creator to just about anyone who will listen. As TMZ reported, the worst insult came just the other day on set when Chase dropped the N-word during a tirade railing against his character's development on the series. In Chase's defense, he seemed to complaining about the inherent racism of the character when he let the word slip, but there must be far, far more efficient ways of discussing a sitcom character's bigotry than pulling the N-word out of your back pocket. Especially with African-American co-stars Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown.

Chase immediately apologized and production on the show wasn't halted. Unlike Chase's rant against creator Dan Harmon in a voicemail leaked earlier this year, this one unfortunately wasn't caught on tape. And what good is a rant if no one hears it? If a celebrity loses their shit in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? So until a tape surfaces, Chase will have to compete with these, the best of celebrity rant meltdowns.

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