Chelsea Leyland Bikinis on Miami Beach

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bill-swift - December 10, 2014

DJ and professional sexy person Chelsea Leyland was spotted on Miami Beach in a teeny tiny bikini. The top could barely contain Chelsea's copious bosoms. In other words, she was busting out in every direction. Chelsea has got herself quite a nice set of turntables, if you know what I mean, (I'm talking about her boobies in case it was unclear). But as if the good Lord wasn't kind enough with giving her those funbags, He decided in His infinite wisdom to also bestow upon her a pretty magnificent thumper. Seriously, you don't look at that booty you behold it. I sure would like to beholding it myself but that's how fools get sent to jail. Look, but don't touch.

I am not a fan of the electronic music but I would gladly schlep out to some club in the middle of the night to see her bounce up and down in the DJ booth.

Photo Credit: Splash / FameFlyNet