Chelsea Heath Bikini Booty Sunshine Goodness

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bill-swift - September 24, 2014

We kind of fell immediately into lust with young beach model Chelsea Heath when the vaguely creepy 138 Water company first hired her for a set of their promotional photos. Here in take two, I'm just about ready to shove my bobos into a tub of ice to try and thwart spontaneous combustion in the taintal region.

Chelsea Heath looks so damn good in a bikini. I want to build some kind of dome where it will be perpetually a warm day at the beach so Chelsea can never ever have to remove her little yellow bikinis. I mean, until aloe vera massage time in the evenings naturally. I pre-warm my hands because I care. Chelsea, let me help you heal your sun-baked skin. It's only $50 an hour. I mean, I pay that for the privilege to work. Enjoy.