Chelsea Handler Topless Panhandling

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Lex Jurgen - January 25, 2016

Chelsea Handler interviewed the former Twitter CEO about why he refused to ban her topless social media photos. It kind of fucked up her one and only plan to get noticed. To prove a point she'd not made, Handler walked topless in front of the Twitter office on camera waiting to be arrested by the San Francisco police. Somebody on her team needs to throw out a new idea. Where's the little Mexican dude? Right. Doing more porn. At least somebody's being productive.

Handler badly needs attention for her underwhelming Netflix special or Netflix might wonder if giving her a daily talk show is as horrible an idea as it sounds to those she doesn't blow. Handler's comic friend trumped up some story this week about Handler being a horrible boss because any publicity is good publicity. Also, she has no ability to generate actual good publicity. If Handler fades any further from the media landscape there's a risk her body will lose corporeality and be whisked into a vodka bottle belonging to Margaret Cho's EEOC advocate. Can I tell you the real reason single women over forty in Hollywood adopt African babies?

Photo credit: Chelsea Does Silicon Valley/Netflix

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