Cheer Up K-Stew, You’re Not the First Actress to Get the Boot

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bill-swift - August 16, 2012

Poor Kristen Stewart. Things were going so well. And then she had to go and get caught playing tonsil hockey with her Snow White and the Huntsman director. And then she had to go and offer that odd, insincere public apology. Ouch. Now another shot to her ego comes as it seems the sure-thing sequel to her Snow White hit will now be a standalone Huntsman movie for Chris Hemsworth. 

While studio bosses hem and haw over exactly why Kristen won't be featured in the follow-up film, you'd have to be blinder than Robert Pattinson not to be able to figure that one out for yourself. But she should look at the bright side of all this as she's now able to add a new line to her resume: Fired Actress.

As you can see from our gallery though, K-Stew joins a prestigious list of actresses who shot themselves in the foot and had to be replaced.

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