The Sexiest Celebrity Stoners In Honor Of 4/20, Get High on Hotness

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earl-jonas - April 21, 2017

Today is 4/20, which means you're probably feeling really chill while reading this. The significance of 4/20 dated back to 1971, when a bunch of high schoolers in Marin County designated 4:20 p.m. as the official time for smoking weed. April 20th has come to hold a special place in the hearts of cannabis lovers everywhere as a way to pay homage to those dirty hippies, and what better way for us to celebrate than by checking out the sexiest celebrity stoners of all time?  

Some of our very favorite celebrities including Megan Fox, Jennifer Lawrence, and Rihanna love weed as much as they love showing off their sexy bodies, and we've combined the best of both worlds right here. Now sit back, relax (like we need to tell you that today), and enjoy some peeks at the sexiest celebrity weed enthusiasts in Hollywood. We promise we won't call the cops.

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