Check Out the Cleavage Contest on the PrettyLittleThing Party Red Carpet

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brian-mcgee - June 26, 2018

PrettyLittleThing is a UK based fashion retailer who has been something of a trendsetter for the under 25 set for some time. Last night they held a red carpet party, presumably to celebrate all the sexy women that love wearing their incredibly sexy clothing.

It was a cleavage party, to be sure, with models from all across the globe sporting some captivating cleavage. It's the head-turning, traffic stopping cleavage show you've been waiting for, and it's all right here for you!

Now, just because I've never heard of any of these women before doesn't mean that I can't appreciate them. I couldn't tell you anything about Betsy-Blue English or Chyna Ellis or Lauren Goodger, other than what I and everyone else can see with their own two eyes: they've got great cleavage.

Do I know what Olivia Attwood's home life is like? Do I know where Ruby Mae does her grocery shopping? Do I know what Fran Parman thought of Solo: A Star Wars Story? Nope. But none of that matters when these ladies are strutting their stuff on the red carpet. So dive in and get your fill of fantastic fun bags in this phenomenal photo gallery!

Photo Credit: Splash News