Check Out Selma Blair’s Beautiful Bikini Booty

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aldo-vallon - August 8, 2018

I wonder why pools are not more highly utilized by celebrities. Selma has the right idea, but so many others seem to enjoy the misery of spending their time at beaches. Why would you want to swim around in chlorinated water when you could have a sandy enema blasted up your ass crack, right?

I understand why the rest of us go to the beach. It is because it is cheaper than a pool, and any pool that we can afford to go to is going to have water that is even dirtier than the oceans. But celebrities have enough money to afford going to a private club where they can keep out riffraff like us. I don’t blame them for that. I wouldn’t want me in there either. So why they do not make use of those features puzzles me.

I surely would not hang around the public. Eck, just saying the word leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I am going to have to drink a lot of straight alcohol tonight in order to kill all of that nasty bacteria. I was going to drink a lot anyway, but now there is a more useful purpose.


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Photo Credit: MEGA / Instagram